Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jazz! 6 mix

Time for a new mix folks!! Deep jazz!!! Private press...
I was planning to do three mixes but my monitor broke last night so theres only one mix for now... i also managed to scramble the bass on the Simmons track, but hope you still enjoy the set.. more to follow when I get that screen fixed. Oh, and would be nice to hear what you think about this mix.


1. Webster Lewis & PPSRBBGTC & O - Saturday night opening
2. Kalaparusha - Humility in the Light of the Creator
3. The Third World Quintet - Consciencism
4. Children of the Sun - Trane songs
5. Paul Gresham - Suite ball
6. Artie Simmons and the Jazz Samaritans - Kush
7. Sonny Simmons Trio - Ancient Egypt
8. Sunny Murray - Suns of Africa
9. Gilles Torrent Jazztet - Terre engloutie
10. Michael Session - UMATU

Listen here.. or if you want to download this mix check the comments