Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life's force mix

Hi everyone!

it's been exactly 3 months since my last mix, so here's 3 hours worth of flowing voices of the Spirit to compensate those 3 months.

and these are the breaks:

Black Man - Haki R Madhubuti
Rainfall - Nick Rosen
Kazuko (An Abandoned Tunnel) - Pharoah Sanders And Paul Arslanian
Moshi (Chanting) - Barney Wilen
Words - Kelan Phil Cohran
Afrodisiaca - John Tchicai And Cadentia Nova Danica
Intro - Jose James
Ancestral Echoes - Horace Tapscott
Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe - Albert Ayler
The Key Of Life - Charles Owens
Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord - Pharoah Sanders
Enlightnenmet Suite Pt.1 - Mccoy Tyner
Return To The Ethers - Dwight Trible
Words - Jose James & Jef Neve
Moshi - Barney Wilen
Ether - Unity
Le Musichien - Francois Tusques
Walk The Way Of The New World - Haki R Madhubuti
Sweet Dreams - Ted Daniel Quintet
Inner Peace - Khan Jamal
Spanish Mode - Jasis
The Universe Is Not For Sale - Hannibal Peterson & Leonard Lonergan
Mfecane (Aroj Release) - E.W.Wainwright
Mfecane (Plainisphare Release) - E.W.Wainwright
Mfaconi - The Nimbus Collective
Armageddon - Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
Dry Your Tears Africa - Jo Grinage
Tau - Matthias Frey Trilok Gurto
The Creator's Musicians - Roberto Miranda Ensemble
Let It Begin - Kaeef Ali And The Creative Arts Ensemble
Let Love Begin - Kaeef Ali And The Creative Arts Ensemble
Yellow Moon - Ghasem Batamuntu And The Nu Nova Compound
Love In Exile - Salim Washington & Rba Featuring Joe Bonner
Ancestral Stroll - Babatunde Lea
Black Renaissance (Words) - Black Renaissance
Random Mondays - Jay Clayton
Inner Peace - Khan Jamal
Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit (Jazz Jamboree 74) - Mccoy Tyner
The Creators - Bobby Hutcherson, Harold Land, Hal Galper, Reggie Johnson, Joe Chambers
Marionette (Percussions) - Coalition
Mfecane (Vibes) - E.W.Wainwright
(Horns) - Hannibal Peterson & Leonrad Lonergan
New Horizons - Horace Tapscott

you can listen to the mix right away on Mixcloud.. or if you wish to download it you'll find the DL/link from the comments.. hope you enjoy!



Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Some time ago someone (anonymous) requested new links for my old mixes/compilations..
Judging from the stats, this blog seems to be fading away.. nevertheless I'll keep on posting my new mixes here and if someone cares to listen them it's always a plus.

Here's some oldies:

-Scandi jazz compilation:

-HCM jazz mix 3