Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life's force mix

Hi everyone!

it's been exactly 3 months since my last mix, so here's 3 hours worth of flowing voices of the Spirit to compensate those 3 months.

and these are the breaks:

Black Man - Haki R Madhubuti
Rainfall - Nick Rosen
Kazuko (An Abandoned Tunnel) - Pharoah Sanders And Paul Arslanian
Moshi (Chanting) - Barney Wilen
Words - Kelan Phil Cohran
Afrodisiaca - John Tchicai And Cadentia Nova Danica
Intro - Jose James
Ancestral Echoes - Horace Tapscott
Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe - Albert Ayler
The Key Of Life - Charles Owens
Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord - Pharoah Sanders
Enlightnenmet Suite Pt.1 - Mccoy Tyner
Return To The Ethers - Dwight Trible
Words - Jose James & Jef Neve
Moshi - Barney Wilen
Ether - Unity
Le Musichien - Francois Tusques
Walk The Way Of The New World - Haki R Madhubuti
Sweet Dreams - Ted Daniel Quintet
Inner Peace - Khan Jamal
Spanish Mode - Jasis
The Universe Is Not For Sale - Hannibal Peterson & Leonard Lonergan
Mfecane (Aroj Release) - E.W.Wainwright
Mfecane (Plainisphare Release) - E.W.Wainwright
Mfaconi - The Nimbus Collective
Armageddon - Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
Dry Your Tears Africa - Jo Grinage
Tau - Matthias Frey Trilok Gurto
The Creator's Musicians - Roberto Miranda Ensemble
Let It Begin - Kaeef Ali And The Creative Arts Ensemble
Let Love Begin - Kaeef Ali And The Creative Arts Ensemble
Yellow Moon - Ghasem Batamuntu And The Nu Nova Compound
Love In Exile - Salim Washington & Rba Featuring Joe Bonner
Ancestral Stroll - Babatunde Lea
Black Renaissance (Words) - Black Renaissance
Random Mondays - Jay Clayton
Inner Peace - Khan Jamal
Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit (Jazz Jamboree 74) - Mccoy Tyner
The Creators - Bobby Hutcherson, Harold Land, Hal Galper, Reggie Johnson, Joe Chambers
Marionette (Percussions) - Coalition
Mfecane (Vibes) - E.W.Wainwright
(Horns) - Hannibal Peterson & Leonrad Lonergan
New Horizons - Horace Tapscott

you can listen to the mix right away on Mixcloud.. or if you wish to download it you'll find the DL/link from the comments.. hope you enjoy!




  1. DL link:

  2. amazing mix again! thank you!

  3. Thanks mate! glad you enjoyed it.. nice to have some feedback :)

  4. Love your mixes. Much appreciated. Keep 'em coming. Mshp

  5. Thank you so much :)

    Life's been hectic but let's hope I'll have the time to continue doing these little "trips"

  6. Well worth the wait H. I am only about half way through it but can hear the care and attention that has been put into this mix. Many thanks for taking the trouble.

  7. Glad you're feeling it G :) thanks again mate!

  8. Another bumper mix, great effort Hooch. Many thanks.

  9. Thanks mate :) .. have to try to shorten them in the future, 3 hours' a bit too long maybe.

  10. Whew!Heavy duty stuff Hoochie,well done on this marathon mix,thanks as always.

  11. cheers Steve!

    hope you guys have enough time to listen to it in one sitting :)

  12. Thanks for another cracking mix.
    Always great listening!

  13. Thanks TN :) great to hear you're digging the mix, I already have another one in my mind that needs to be done soon... and a massive Jap-jazz mix too :)

  14. thnx for al the massive and super spiritual work you already 've put into this thing....

  15. @ Anonymous

    thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated :)

  16. Good on ya mate. Very nice mix! Could you please tell me the name of the songs at 48 mins and 59 mins? I can't quite figure it out by the tracklisting.
    Cheers, mate!

  17. @ Anonymous


    at 48 mins, it's Francois Tusques "Le Musichien".. saxophone, piano, perc... there's little bit Moshi still here and there (you know the chant from the beginning of the album) then it goes to Haki Madhubuti (flute solo)...
    then Ted Daniel's tune starts, you know the one with the vibes and's still on at 59 mins,but when the trumpet solos over about 1:00:30 you can start hearing cymbals from Coalitions "Marionette" and from Khan Jamal's tune "inner peace", you can hear flute from Milt Simon's Jasis album (really great album btw.!!), and those deep drums are from Lonergan/Hannibal LP (but only in the back ground).. I played a bit with the vibes from "Mfecane" tunes.. and, yeah, then it's E.W.Wainwright's "Mfecane".. but actually it's two different versions mixed together and one live version from Nimbus Collective's great double cd :) hope this info helps :)

  18. Thanks for your elaborate answer! Only now have I realised how much work you must have put into this. You really produced this rather than mixed it. I am not too familiar with spiritual jazz hence my question and not realising the many songs at a time. I looked up this Tusques LP, amongst others, but 180 € is a bit too much for me at the moment. ;-) Fortunately, someone posted the Flac on a different blog.

    Thanks again.

  19. Yeah no problem :)

    I think it's really sad that that Tusques album is so expensive these days, maybe because Gilles played it on his show??hahah! but there where times when you could get it a lot cheaper.

    I guess not that many listeners realises how much work there's done for these "mixes"? don't know? but still, it's my choice to try to do things a bit different and try to develop you know :) feels great of course if someone appreciates the work I've put into these things, but that's something extra.

    ..and i don't know if it matters that much if one recognizes these songs played or not, it's all music and the most important thing is that how it makes you feel.. enjoy it, let it heal you etc.



  20. great mix, thanks

  21. Hey Henri,
    Just wanted to say I linked through to you from my latest post, hope that's OK by you, and hope you're doing fine!
    And looking forward to the next j-jazz mix you mentioned. No pressure, whenever that happens!!

  22. Hi TN,
    yeah that's cool! Great to get some publicity for the mix, thank you :)

    ..will try to get my act together and do that J-jazz thing next :) it's just that a lot of things happening here at the moment keeping me busy.. and lets see if you , Bacoso and Bongohito keep posting your Japanese stuff at that speed, I might not have any nuggets left to play :( LOL!!



  23. amazing, truley beautiful,
    thank you so much for this.

  24. Just discovered your site. I'm a big fan of spiritual jazz since discovering Pharoah's "Karma" LP way back. I'll be using your track list to check out a few names I haven't yet come across.

  25. Hi HCM
    any chance to post a new link for this beauty ?

  26. Hi, yes, will do as soon as possible.

  27. Yes, a new link for this one would be greatly appreciated. Love your stuff!

  28. Here is the new link: