Friday, November 17, 2017

Sun Ra mix - The 3rd thing


1. Along came Ra
2. Moog solo / "A time to keep" collage #01-#04" - Cauleen Smith
3. Solar differentials
4. Astro black
5. If you are not a myth
6. Circle
7. Space is the place (multiple versions)
8. Celestial road
9. Discipline 27
10. Angles and demons at play
11. Watusa
12. Enlightenment
13. Untitled (keyboards)
15. Voice of the eternal tomorrow
16. Sun Ra speaks
17. Pleiades
18. Of mythic worlds
19. Sometimes the universe speaks
20. Journey amongst the stars
21. Sun Ra speaks
22. Adventure equations
23. The invisible shield / Janus
24. The beginning of
25. The universe is endless
26. Conversation of the universe
27. Solar ship voyage
28. Calling planet earth
29. Synthesizer / On spaceship earth
30. Voice of space
31. Cosmic dimension of music
32. Nidhamu
33. The sun myth
34. There is music everywhere
35. The rose hue mansions of the sun
36. A better world

After a really long hiatus I'm back with a new mix. Mythicosmical galore!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Cycle Circle

Here's a new mix. Nearly two hours worth of japanese jazz. Hope you enjoy!

Tunes played:

Terumasa Hino – Ode to Workman
Terumasa Hino – Peace & Love
Terumasa Hino – Speak to loneliness
Terumasa Hino with Heinz Sauer – Into the heaven
Takeo Moriyama – Full load
Itaru Oki – Shirasagi
Group Everything Everything Everything – Journey to air
Terumasa Hino – A Part
Terumasa Hino with Heinz Sauer – PH – PH – T
Terumasa Hino – Birth of action
Terumasa Hino with Heinz Sauer – Dig it
Terumasa Hino – Cycle circle
Takeo Moriyama – Vibrophase
Terumasa Hino – Sister Mayumi
Mitsuaki Kanno – Busho
Takehiro Honda – Jodo
Masabumi Kikuchi – Gin-Kai
Takehiro Honda & Gerd Dudek – Dji Dji Eitch Eitch
Takeo Moriyama – Full load
Takeo Moriyama – Flush up
Akio Nishimura Quartet – My favorite things

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sagittarius A-Star Special

Sagittarius A-Star.

That's the name of one of the best record labels nowdays.

A while ago label owner E.P. asked me to do a mix from the label's music and when the stuff sounds this good I couldn't say no.

Check the site:

Here's what I played

  1. Pink Luminous Invocation – Untitled
  2. Trulofa Trio – Untitled a/b
  3. Acíd Birds – Untitled a/b
  4. Black Motor – Water
  5. Northwoods Improvisers – Tariguah
  6. Northwoods Collective – Kuhtuhlpa
  7. Northwoods Collective – Dark water
  8. Northwoods Improvisers – Burundi
  9. Eddie Gale Inner Peace Orchestra – String introduction to prayer for the world
  10. The Collective – Black Queen
  11. Muruga & Big Black – Chant of Bahia
  12. Acid Birds – Untitled b
  13. The Phill Musra Group – Creation
  14. Northwoods Improvisers – Lightning darkness
  15. Pink Luminous Invocation – Untitled a
  16. Northwoods Collective – Vimbuza
  17. The Second Family Band – Goodbye Asphodel
  18. Elektrodiesel – Sometimes I forget to remember part 1
  19. Okay Temiz, Hüseyin Ertunç, Doğan Doğusel – Studio part 2
  20. Idris Ackamoor and Cultural Odyssey – The beginning of the second earth
  21. The Collective – Beginnig roots (HCM edit.)
  22. Elektrodiesel - Sometimes I forget to remember part 1
  23. Okay Temiz, Hüseyin Ertunç, Doğan Doğusel – Studio part 2
  24. Conrad Schnitzler – Untitled a
  25. Northwoods Improvisers – Lightning darkness
  26. Roy Brooks and The Artistic Truth – M'Jumbe
  27. Roy Brooks & The Improvisational Sphere – Basketball
  28. Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble – Soul
  29. Black Motor – Jumehniemi
  30. Eddie Gale Inner Peace Orchestra – African sunshine
  31. Northwoods Collective - Soro

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HCM MIX - Continuation

Finally a new mix
check it out from here:

  1. Archie Shepp Group – One for the Trane part 1
  2. Build An Ark – Cosmic tuning
  3. Build An Ark - Nature
  4. Dorothy Antoinette Handy – Prelude
  5. Sun Ra and His Arkestra – The music is a sound image
  6. Warren James Quintet – Circles
  7. Karl Berger David Holland – The beginning
  8. Ndikho Xaba – In praise of women
  9. Build An Ark – Conversations
  10. Dou – Iruption
  11. Dou – Black Conscientiousness
  12. Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra – Adventure-Equation
  13. Maliks Emerging Force Art Trio – Movement 1 Music to me
  14. Big Black – Speak to me
  15. Chêne Noir – Le conte de la terre et de ses enfants et la première apparition des hommes oiseaux
  16. Muun music universe – Space in time part 1
  17. Roland Young – Loveliness
  18. Chêne Noir – Arrivee de la terre et de ses enfants
  19. Chêne Noir – La fascination des enfants de la terre par les hommes oiseaux
  20. Ndikho Xaba – Ancient Khemit
  21. Stephan Micus – Concert for gender, shakuhachi and zither
  22. Chêne Noir – La Vieillesse et la mort
  23. Azanyah – The latter rain
  24. Dizzy Reece – Universal Harmony
  25. Dizzy Reece – Prayer for the East
  26. Chêne Noir – Le Bonheur
  27. David S. Ware – Ganesh Sound
  28. Chêne Noir – Le conte de la terre et de ses enfants et la première apparition des hommes oiseaux
  29. Khan Jamal – Cosmic echoes
  30. Jason Guy – Trane
  31. Ahmed Abdullah Diaspora – East of Uz
  32. Ndikho Xaba – Song of the frogs
  33. Chêne Noir – Vivre
  34. Emergency – Emergency theme
  35. Ndikho Xaba – it is cold in America
  36. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Ancient to the future
  37. Will Crittendon and Afro-jazz Ensemble – The Black Resurrection
  38. Jason Guy – Untitled
  39. Maliks Emerging Force Art Trio – Movement 2 When Force meet
  40. Kalaparusha Maurice Mcintyre – Kcab Emoh
  41. Build An Ark – When Ancestors speak
  42. Speira n´Mbassa – Ethnic suite
  43. Cosmic Meditation – Musical meditation
  44. Dizzy Reece – Offering
  45. Douglas Turner Ward featuring Jothan Callins – The River Niger
  46. Big Black – Problem Cause Cure
  47. Build An Ark – Morning
  48. Olle Bäver – New Africa
  49. The J.R.Mitchell Byard Lancaster experience – Live at Mac alester
  50. The Last Poets – In Search of Knowledge
  51. Byron Morris & Gerald Wise – JWM+53
  52. Kalaparusha Maurice Mcintyre – Suite ensemble fate
  53. Taumb International Ensemble – Peace in the Middle East
  54. Ndikho xaba – In praise of women
  55. Grachan Moncur 3 – New Africa
  56. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Ancient to the future
  57. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Bell Piece
  58. Andrew Cyrille – Junction
  59. Ndikho Xaba – It is cold in America
  60. The Pyramids – Queen of the Spirits
  61. Bob Moses – Glitteragbas solo
  62. Roland Young – Crystal motions
  63. Ndikho Xaba – Shwabada
  64. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Prayer for Jimbo
  65. Infinite Sound – The Ocean moves primitively
  66. Cosmic Meditation – musical meditation
  67. Speira n´Mbassa – 4/4 - 5/4

Thursday, July 4, 2013


It's been way too long since the last mix, but here's the latest! Go to my Mixcloud page and press PLAY!

and here's what I played:

  1. Marion Brown – Karintha
  2. Alice Coltrane – I want to see you
  3. Max Roach – Triptych: Prayer
  4. Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society – Untitled
  5. Faruk Z Bey and Northwood Improvisers - Gogisci (Smoke)
  6. Kelan Philip Cohran and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Ancestral
  7. Huey Simmons – Things and beings
  8. Idris Ackamoor – Idrissa's dream
  9. Revolutionary Ensemble – The People's Republic
  10. Carlos Nino – Mezame (Awakening)
  11. Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble – Nobody hear the music the same way
  12. Milton Marsh – Everlasting beauty
  13. Arthur Blythe – My Sun Ra
  14. Milton Marsh – Psychic impluses
  15. Kamau Daaood – Deep river in her voice
  16. Ray Collins and Autumn – Magnolia
  17. Avotcja and Modupue – I deal in souls
  18. Sun Ra – Sound Spectra
  19. Kaeef Ali – Let love begin
  20. Ronnie Boykins – The third I
  21. Alan Silva – East side snap
  22. Famoudou Don Moye and Ari Brown – Mobrosu
  23. Walt Dickerson Trio – Chant of peace
  24. Sirone – Flute song
  25. Black Unity Trio – Final Expression
  26. Beaver Harris – Aurora
  27. Abdul Wadud – Camille / Kaleidoscope
  28. Black Unity Trio – Al-nisa
  29. Anthony Davis - Beyond reason
  30. Black Unity Trio – In light of blackness
  31. Black Unity Trio - Birth, life and death
  32. Brother Ahh with Max Roach – Love piece
  33. Pharoah Sanders – Lumkili
  34. Marion Brown - Tokalokaloka
  35. Pharoah Sanders – Upper Egypt lower Egypt
  36. M'BOOM – Elements of a storm – thunder – wind
  37. Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society – AMS
  38. M'BOOM – Jihad Es Mort
  39. M'BOOM – Inner passion
  40. M'BOOM – Heaven sent
  41. M'BOOM – Onamotapoeia
  42. Pharoah Sanders – Sun in Aquarius
  43. Pharoah Sanders – Village of the Pharoahs 1 2 3
  44. Pharoah Sanders – Wisdom through music
  45. Pharoah Sanders – Prince of peace
  46. Pharoah Sanders – Izipho Zam
  47. Pharoah Sanders – Lumkili
  48. Pharoah Sanders - Myth
  49. Carlos Nino – Mezame (Awakening)
  50. M'BOOM – January V

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Summer - In memory of Byard Lancaster

Here's a new mix for you people! Go listen!
(DL later from the comments)

Last summer - in memory of Byard Lancaster

Tunes played:

  1. Byard Lancaster – Virginia
  2. Eero Koivistoinen – Roots and boots
  3. Byard Lancaster - Rib Grib / Philly Funk / Words
  4. Arvo Pärt – Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten
  5. Byard Lancaster – Last summer
  6. Byard Lancaster – Sweet evil Miss Kisianga
  7. Billy Cobham – Stratus
  8. Byard Lancaster – Work and pray
  9. Stephan Micus – Darkness and Light part 2
  10. McCoy Tyner – Malika
  11. Dewey Redman – Meditation submission purification
  12. Byard Lancaster – In Lovingkindness
  13. Zuber Armstrong – Flowers for Dolphy
  14. Faruk Z Bey And Northwood improvisers
  15. Mbari – Painter
  16. Byard Lancaster – Primitive sacrifice
  17. Nat Birchall – Ancient world
  18. Byard Lancaster – Something children can do
  19. John Coltrane – Kulu se mama
  20. Archie Shepp - Yasmina
  21. Byard Lancaster - Flore
  22. Pharoah Sanders – Love / Bailophone dance
  23. Byard Lancaster – Primitive sacrifice
  24. Byard Lancaster – Last summer
  25. Byard Lancaster – Live at Macalester
  26. Byard Lancaster – Philadelphia savage
  27. Byard Lancaster – Flore
  28. Mark Harvey Group – Invocation Pt.1
  29. Henri Texier – Le Sage
  30. Walter Zuber Armstrong – Hitana / Flowers for Dolphy
  31. Sounds Of Liberation – Happy Tuesday
  32. Juju – Struggle (Home) / Freedom Fighter
  33. The Pyramids - Reaffirmation
  34. Rashied Ail & Frank Lowe – Duo Exchange Pt.1
  35. Byard Lancaster – Sweet evil
  36. Byard Lancaster – Blue Nature
  37. Billy Cobham – Stratus
  38. Byard Lancaster – All of my life
  39. Byard Lancaster – Miss Nikki
  40. Stephan Micus – Darkness and Light part 1
  41. Byard Lancaster – Sweet evil Miss Kisianga
  42. Byard Lancaster – C. Marianne Alicia
  43. Byard Lancaster – Lancaster Brand Notes
  44. Sunny Murray The Untouchable Factor featuring Byard Lancaster – Over the rainbow
  45. Byard Lancaster – Over the rainbow
  46. Byard Lancaster – Live at Macalester

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breath of life


Tribute to nature.
2 hour set.
mixed and remixed.
Go to Mixcloud and listen
D/L link later...

Tunes played:

  1. Edward Larry Gordon – Bethlehem
  2. The John Betch Society – Earth blossom / Open pastures
  3. Joseph Jarman Don Moye featuring Johnny Dyani – Mama Marimba
  4. National Black Theater – Look inside
  5. Idris Ackamoor – Move towards the Light
  6. Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda / Oceanic beloved / The Ankh of Amen-Ra
  7. Nat Birchall – Going to the mountain
  8. Horacee Arnold – Tribe
  9. Gerry Hemingway – Kwambe
  10. The Ko-Thi Dance Company Inc. - Ishe Olu Wa
  11. Brother Malachi Favors Magoustous – Natural and the spiritual
  12. Duo Infinity – Earth tones
  13. The Ko-Thi Dance Company Inc. - Practice rythm 1 and 2
  14. Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Flight 17
  15. Abdullah – Eternal spiraling spirit and assunta
  16. Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels and degrees of light
  17. Joseph Jarman Don Moye featuring Johnny Dyani – Humility in the light of the creator
  18. Duo Infinity – Dawn birds for Dolphy
  19. Joseph Jarman – Sunbound
  20. DB.Shrier – East
  21. Exploding Star Orchestra – Ascension Ghost Impression # 2
  22. Nate Morgan solo Rhodes – Mother
  23. Carlos Nino & Friends - Listening to the conversation of the birds
  24. Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble – Towards Vision Quest / Umoja intro / Umoja
  25. Dwight Trible – Wise One outro words
  26. Horace Tapscott Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Peyote song no.3
  27. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra – Calling Planet Earth
  28. Spontan Music Trio – Incarnation
  29. The Gathering – Peyote song III
  30. The Sonny Criss Orchestra – Daughter of Cochise
  31. Mathew Halsall – Ode to the big sea
  32. Joseph Jarman & Famoudou Don Moye – Zulu Village
  33. Yusef Lateef – Chandra
  34. Big Black / Anthony Wheaton– Afro Cuban Lullaby
  35. Archie Shepp – Things have got to change
  36. Build an Ark – Turn on the sunlight
  37. Yaakov Levy solo paino – Alice's chord
  38. Five times six – Collector's issue
  39. Jothan Callins & the sounds of togetherness – prayer for peace and love
  40. GB & the Nu Nova Compound – Nu Finitude / Solea XYZ
  41. the John Betch Society – Earth Blossom
  42. Peter Fish – Riff for David B
  43. Indigo Trio – Welcoming / thankfulness
  44. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra – Calling planet earth
  45. Spontan Music Trio – Naiul
  46. Doug Hammond – Wholeness the One in all / Forgetfullness
  47. Will Crittendon – Message from the third world
  48. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra – Unindentified title
  49. Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble – The Ancient power awakens
  50. M'Boom - HCM remix
  51. The Har-You Percussion Group – Ngoma
  52. Big Black – Pavan
  53. Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Village Dance Revisited
  54. Tchangodei Waldron Shepp trio – Africa struggle
  55. Spontan Music Trio – Incarnation
  56. Abdul Wadud – Oasis
  57. Muhal Richard Abrams – The Bird song
  58. Joseph Jarman – Universal Mind Force
  59. Idris Ackamoor – Spiritual rebirth

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HCM J-Jazz thing

A year has passed since my last Japanese jazz mix.. so decided to go big this time :)

Two hour mix, with lots of heavy sax and electric piano work!

First hour is traditional / acoustic, starting with a mix I did from different Minoru Muraoka and Hozan Yamamoto albums, it's shakuhachi jazz all the way Baby!!
The second hour is pure Fender rhodes, electric guitar bliss..

Here's what I played:

Minoru Muraoka and New Dimension Group – Osorezan / Positive and negative / Osorezan (live)
Hozan Yamamoto – The Suite for Sakuhachi
Hiromasa Suzuki – Ame no Iwayado
Toshiaki Yokota Primitive Community – Black narcissus / A Forbidden Ceremony
Seiichi Nakamura Quartet – Lady's flower
Yoshio Ikeda Quintet – Nature Awakening
Shigeharu Mukai – Turbulence
Minoru Muraoka – Osorezan
Hozan Yamamoto – Stone Garden Of Ryoan Temple
Minoru Muraoka & Herbie Mann – Shomyo (Monk's chant) / Mauve over blues
Shigeharu Mukai – Dawn
Ryojiro Furusawa Quartet – Moki
Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet – Distant Thunder
Hidefumi Toki Quartet – Lullaby for the girl
Kazumi Watanabe – The second wind
Kiyoshi Sugimoto – Long Neal
Hiroshi Fukumura – Mother Some Place

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Freedom struggle" mix

A 2 hour set of deep spiritual music just waiting for you to feast your ears on..
Go and listen!!

Here's the tracklist:


Hannibal – Of Life and Love and God
Mtume – invocation
Roy Brooks & the Artistic Truth – Black survival (HCM edit.)
Amiri Baraka – Chant – Sifa
Famoudou Don Moye – Pioneer song
Robert Ruff – Shaza-Ra
Infinite Spirit Music – Ritual
Roberto Miguel Miranda – Evolution in the life of Moses – Prayer is essential
Mtume – invocation
Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels and degrees of light
Cecil McBee – From within
Brother Ah – Transcendental march (Words)
Cecil McBee – Voice of the 7th Angel
World's Experience Orchestra – Beginning of a new birth
Bob Reid The Emergency Sound – A story of the Freedom Bell
M'boom – Onomatopoeia / Giselle suite
Idris Ackamoor & Cultural Odyssey – The Temple Garden
Abdullah Ibrahim – Happiness is forever (drums)
Idris Ackamoor & Cultural Odyssey – Look into yourself (percussions)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – The seeker
Roy Brooks & the Artistic Truth – M'Jumbe (brief percussions)
Infinite Spirit Music – Rasta
The Roy Campbell Ensemble – Pharoah's revenge
Infinite Spirit Music – Bright tune (percussions)
Hannibal – Of Life and Love and God (bass solo)
Lon Moshe and Southern Freedom Arkestra – Survival raga #9
Famoudou Don Moye – Att (percussions)
M'boom – Giselle suite (percussions)
Juju – Nia (Complete the circle)
Unity – Kitty bey (drumming and Jay Clayton's voice)
Tchangodei / Archie Shepp – D'instant (brief piano sample)
Peter Fish – Esmond
M'boom – Jihad es mort


Famoudou Don Moye – Saba Saba
Eddie Gale – A statement of peace
Hannibal – Rhythm ritual / Aftermath
Roberto Miguel Miranda – Saint Michael Servant of the Lord (brief solo bass)
Mtume – Umoja
Babatunde Lea – African tapestry (A prayer for a continent)
Azar Lawrence – The Baker's daughter / Open Sesame
Ghasem Batamuntu – Ishvara
Famoudou Don Moye – Scowiefamuja
Brother Ah – Sweet illumination ”Chile woman”
Tchangodei / Archie Shepp – D'instant
Amiri Baraka – Pamoja tutashinda
Brother Ah - Transcendental march (Words)
Famoudou Don Moye – Scowiefamuja
Brother Ah – Sweet illumination ”Chile woman”


Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio featuring Billy Bang – Freedom flexibility

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life's force mix

Hi everyone!

it's been exactly 3 months since my last mix, so here's 3 hours worth of flowing voices of the Spirit to compensate those 3 months.

and these are the breaks:

Black Man - Haki R Madhubuti
Rainfall - Nick Rosen
Kazuko (An Abandoned Tunnel) - Pharoah Sanders And Paul Arslanian
Moshi (Chanting) - Barney Wilen
Words - Kelan Phil Cohran
Afrodisiaca - John Tchicai And Cadentia Nova Danica
Intro - Jose James
Ancestral Echoes - Horace Tapscott
Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe - Albert Ayler
The Key Of Life - Charles Owens
Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord - Pharoah Sanders
Enlightnenmet Suite Pt.1 - Mccoy Tyner
Return To The Ethers - Dwight Trible
Words - Jose James & Jef Neve
Moshi - Barney Wilen
Ether - Unity
Le Musichien - Francois Tusques
Walk The Way Of The New World - Haki R Madhubuti
Sweet Dreams - Ted Daniel Quintet
Inner Peace - Khan Jamal
Spanish Mode - Jasis
The Universe Is Not For Sale - Hannibal Peterson & Leonard Lonergan
Mfecane (Aroj Release) - E.W.Wainwright
Mfecane (Plainisphare Release) - E.W.Wainwright
Mfaconi - The Nimbus Collective
Armageddon - Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
Dry Your Tears Africa - Jo Grinage
Tau - Matthias Frey Trilok Gurto
The Creator's Musicians - Roberto Miranda Ensemble
Let It Begin - Kaeef Ali And The Creative Arts Ensemble
Let Love Begin - Kaeef Ali And The Creative Arts Ensemble
Yellow Moon - Ghasem Batamuntu And The Nu Nova Compound
Love In Exile - Salim Washington & Rba Featuring Joe Bonner
Ancestral Stroll - Babatunde Lea
Black Renaissance (Words) - Black Renaissance
Random Mondays - Jay Clayton
Inner Peace - Khan Jamal
Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit (Jazz Jamboree 74) - Mccoy Tyner
The Creators - Bobby Hutcherson, Harold Land, Hal Galper, Reggie Johnson, Joe Chambers
Marionette (Percussions) - Coalition
Mfecane (Vibes) - E.W.Wainwright
(Horns) - Hannibal Peterson & Leonrad Lonergan
New Horizons - Horace Tapscott

you can listen to the mix right away on Mixcloud.. or if you wish to download it you'll find the DL/link from the comments.. hope you enjoy!



Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Some time ago someone (anonymous) requested new links for my old mixes/compilations..
Judging from the stats, this blog seems to be fading away.. nevertheless I'll keep on posting my new mixes here and if someone cares to listen them it's always a plus.

Here's some oldies:

-Scandi jazz compilation:

-HCM jazz mix 3

Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Classical History of Spiritual Jazz 1955-2012

I was planning to put a new mix together, actually I thought I'd do one japanese jazz set and one deep spiritual jazz set, but I haven't had time to do them..

Fortunately Black Classical has done this epic spiritual jazz mix that lasts 12 hours!!
so no need to put any mix together in this month ;)

Be sure to check it from here:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Opening mix

Here's a mix for those who care, who are interested enough to listen.. no tracklists, well not yet anyway.. just sit back and listen.. and most important, enjoy!

Stay well everyone and may the year 2012 be good to you :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

HCM mix for Space Invaders Radio

I did this little mix for Space Invaders Radio a while back.... (it came out on december the 11th)
but you can download it from the comments here if you missed it live..

or check my Mixcloud page and listen the mix from there..

I put quite a lot effort making it and think it came out pretty good. two hour set, with deep and spiritual vibes as usual, but the mix ain't nothing usual..

comments would be much appreciated but I doubt you'll have time for that stuff, anyway, I hope you at least have those two hours to listen which is more important ;)

Stay well everyone and see ya next year!

Peace 'n Love


This is what I played:

Kahil El Zabar's The Ritual – Magg Zelma
Walter Zuber Armstrong – Sea of grass
Walter Zuber Armstrong – Alpha & Omega
Clarence Peters – Black meeting
David Axelrod – Warning talk pt.1
Dwight Trible – In the beginning GOD
Michael Garrick – Jazz for five
Cecil McBee – Into a fantasy
Amalgam – Judy's smile II
Byard Lancaster – John's children
JC – Song of praise
Massimo Urbani – Dedications (to Alber Ayler e John Coltrane)
Leron Thomas – Love for life
Kamau Daaood – Army of healers
The Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Eternal Egypt suite, pt.4
Cleve Pozar – Cosmic piece
Clarence Peters – The Magnetic atmospher
Sun Ra – Say
Sun Ra – The door of the cosmos
Ariel Kalma – Le temps des moissons
Francis Bebey – Akwaaba
Sun Ra – EnLIGHTenment
Sun Ra – Circe
Archie Shepp – Song for Mozambique
The Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble – Tutankhamen
Kahil El Zabar's The Ritual – Return of the lost tribe
Secret Sauce – Orangeland
Firebirds Prince Lasha with Webster Armstrong – Music matador (instrumental.)
Kamau Daaood – Ancestral echoes

Friday, December 2, 2011

My present to you :)

Here's a mix I did sometime ago for a friend.. Raggy,
maybe you've heard of him?? He plays some seriously good tunes in his shows, you should check his site out :

or @ mixcloud..

and give him your support! :)

Stay well everyone!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Journey : H presents the Jazz Mix number 9

Hi everybody.. hope there's still people visiting this blog, even though I only post these mixes of mine nowdays..

Here's a new one I just got finished today and it spans over 2 hours.
but further ado, here it is:

By John Coltrane

Have Mercy Upon Us
By Amina Claudine Myers

Prayer For Saude
By Lon Moshe's Southern Freedom Arkestra

The Journey Begins
By Leon Thomas

Invocation Pt.1
By Mark Harvey Group

Last Summer
By Byard Lancaster

Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro
By Don Cherry

Queen Of The Spirits
By The Pyramids

Black Man And Woman Of The Nile
By The Pyramids

Black Unity
By Pharoah Sanders

Black Unity
By Juju

Liberator Of The Spirit
By Kamau Daaood

Tzaddi Vau
By Pheeroan Ak Laff

Lament For John Coltrane
By Bob Thiele Emergency

By Henri Texier

Spirit Music
By Andrew Cyrille & The Haitian Fascination

By Ralph Thomas

Time Rolls On
By World's

Medley : Pharoah's Tune (The Journey) Echoes
By Leon Thomas

Nica's Dance
By Nat Birchall

Black Nile
By Gregory Porter

Movement 4
By Götz Tangerding/Rolf Roth/Nasrudins Orchestra

By Kalaparusha Maurice Mcintyre

The Void
By Brother Ah

Nature's Children
By Brother Ah

Rain Is Coming
By Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker

Earth Tones
By Jamil Shabaka Alex Cline Duo Infinity

Healing Force
By Roy Brooks

By Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

Speak To Us Of Love
By Dwight Trible

A Love Supreme
By Dwight Trible Featuring Billy Higgins And Charles Owens

A Love Supreme
By Bob Thiele Emergency

(DL link in the comments... or you can also listen to this from mixcloud if you wish)

Have a good one and stay well :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jazz! mix 8 : Inner Space

Go listen here:

and the tracklist :

Cecil McBee - Agnez
Abbey Lincoln/Max Roach - All Africa
Black Star Ensemble - The second resurrection
Raphaël - Archangelo
Khan Jamal - The river
Speira n'Mbassa - Ethnic suite
Walter Zuber Armstrong - Song for Sheila
Byard Lancaster - Last summer
Alan Braufman - Chant
Free Dance Song - A long way from childhood, a long way from much
Diom Futa - Diom Futa
Azanyah - I will surely come again
James Zitro & David Liebman - Haiku
Glen Hall - Orchid opening downwards
Louis Armfield - Brave blind heart
Kahil El'Zabar's The Ritual - Little Gwen
Revolutionary Ensemble -Chicago
Jasis - Inner space
Lagagnamo - Danse et thème
Prince Lawsha Firebirds - Tracking train
Beaver Harris - Beautiful Africa
Schawkie Roth -Prayer for Pharoah
Azar Lawrence - Revelations
Rashied Ali Quintet - Judgement day

Please gimme some feedback, thanks! you can find the d/l link from the comments..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jazz! mix 7

Here's the new mix.. deep private press jazz, you know the deal.. go and listen :)

Oh, and if you want to download this mix, just write a comment so I can see if there's any demand for this kind of thingy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jazz! 6 mix

Time for a new mix folks!! Deep jazz!!! Private press...
I was planning to do three mixes but my monitor broke last night so theres only one mix for now... i also managed to scramble the bass on the Simmons track, but hope you still enjoy the set.. more to follow when I get that screen fixed. Oh, and would be nice to hear what you think about this mix.


1. Webster Lewis & PPSRBBGTC & O - Saturday night opening
2. Kalaparusha - Humility in the Light of the Creator
3. The Third World Quintet - Consciencism
4. Children of the Sun - Trane songs
5. Paul Gresham - Suite ball
6. Artie Simmons and the Jazz Samaritans - Kush
7. Sonny Simmons Trio - Ancient Egypt
8. Sunny Murray - Suns of Africa
9. Gilles Torrent Jazztet - Terre engloutie
10. Michael Session - UMATU

Listen here.. or if you want to download this mix check the comments

Friday, March 25, 2011

Japanese jazz mix! pt.6

it's been a while but here's a new Japanese jazz mix:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jazz! 5 mix

Im having a slight fever so im staying inside the house this weekend, got bored.. so i threw a little mix together for you..

1. The peoples people - Monica
2. The Alan Lee jazz quartet... and friends - Dance of the adolescents
3. Urban Hansson - Sengakuji
4. James Zitro & David Liebman - Green sun God
5. The Texas Southern University jazz ensemble - Sorrow, bitterness and revolution
6. Black Earth Rhythm Emporium - Celebration: the Trane's last stop
7. Azanyah - Praise
8. Dwight James - Ja Ja
9. Coalition - Kenya's horizon
10.Dwight James - Kitab
11.Chico Freeman - Illas
12.David Liebman - Man-child

Comments would be much appreciated..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jazz! 4 mix

Okay.. time for a new mix.. you know how it goes, 1 hour of spiritual jazz waiting, you just have to download the mix, and it would also be nice if you'd leave a comment afterwards, or before..thanks ;)


Blue sun - Aum
Tordenskjolds Soldater - Peace
Max Roach - Motherless child
Hannibal - The inner voice
The Interpreters - Time is of the essence
Tordenskjolds Soldater - Pharoah
Carsten Meinert - This time
Massimo Urbani - L´amore
Carsten Meinert - Blues to someone
Jay Migliori - Nirvana

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Japanese jazz # 5

It has been a while since I posted my last Japanese jazz mix.. but now I have made a new one, and I can say that it contains some H-E-A-V-Y!!! tunes..
So check it out if you're into furious piano playing and you have one and a half hours spare time in your life..
This is sort of a tribute to two of my favorite Japanese piano players; Fumio Itabashi and Takehiro Honda.
ENJOY!! and please give me a comment, it ONLY takes a few minutes :)


1.Fumio Itabashi - Tone
2.Takehiro Honda - Natural tranquility
3.Kohsuke Mine - Cross wind
4.Hiromasa Suzuki - Epilogue
5.Fumio Itabashi Trio - Toh
6.Takehiko Honda - Second country
7.Kohske Mine Quintet - Thirsty
8.Fumio Itabashi - Ash
9.Fumio Itabashi Trio - Rise and shine

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hoochie Coochie presents Jazz! 3 mix

To start your weekend with some great music snatch my new mix.. some rare tracks in spiritual vibe and it lasts about two hours!!


1. Tropical Band - Sea breeze
2. Eddie Russ Trio - Natasha
3. Bobby Jackson - Desiree song
4. Donald Alexander Strachan - Song of searching
5. Creative Arts Ensemble - Encouragements
6. Paul Stephens - What's really real
7. Hal Singer - Malcolm X
8. Prince Lasha - For the child
9. Cecil McBee - First song in the day
10. John Hicks - Angies tune
11. Unity - Reunion
12. Donald Alexander Strachan - Aquarian voices
13. Buster Williams - Tayamisha
14. Doug Carn - Moon child
15. Cleveland Eaton - Hamburg 302