Friday, November 17, 2017

Sun Ra mix - The 3rd thing


1. Along came Ra
2. Moog solo / "A time to keep" collage #01-#04" - Cauleen Smith
3. Solar differentials
4. Astro black
5. If you are not a myth
6. Circle
7. Space is the place (multiple versions)
8. Celestial road
9. Discipline 27
10. Angles and demons at play
11. Watusa
12. Enlightenment
13. Untitled (keyboards)
15. Voice of the eternal tomorrow
16. Sun Ra speaks
17. Pleiades
18. Of mythic worlds
19. Sometimes the universe speaks
20. Journey amongst the stars
21. Sun Ra speaks
22. Adventure equations
23. The invisible shield / Janus
24. The beginning of
25. The universe is endless
26. Conversation of the universe
27. Solar ship voyage
28. Calling planet earth
29. Synthesizer / On spaceship earth
30. Voice of space
31. Cosmic dimension of music
32. Nidhamu
33. The sun myth
34. There is music everywhere
35. The rose hue mansions of the sun
36. A better world

After a really long hiatus I'm back with a new mix. Mythicosmical galore!


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  2. Thanks! Feels good to be back.

  3. FYI: DL is blocked with a warning that it "may be available from Amazon".

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  5. Hi HCM Ive loaded the link and all of the download options lead to malware. Sorry to hassle you but I'd love to download this beauty !

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  7. Blocked......"may be available from Amazon" Bloody cyber police

  8. Let's try this one:

  9. Thanks HCM, great mix of one of my favourite artists, brilliantly done.