Monday, December 28, 2015

Cycle Circle

Here's a new mix. Nearly two hours worth of japanese jazz. Hope you enjoy!

Tunes played:

Terumasa Hino – Ode to Workman
Terumasa Hino – Peace & Love
Terumasa Hino – Speak to loneliness
Terumasa Hino with Heinz Sauer – Into the heaven
Takeo Moriyama – Full load
Itaru Oki – Shirasagi
Group Everything Everything Everything – Journey to air
Terumasa Hino – A Part
Terumasa Hino with Heinz Sauer – PH – PH – T
Terumasa Hino – Birth of action
Terumasa Hino with Heinz Sauer – Dig it
Terumasa Hino – Cycle circle
Takeo Moriyama – Vibrophase
Terumasa Hino – Sister Mayumi
Mitsuaki Kanno – Busho
Takehiro Honda – Jodo
Masabumi Kikuchi – Gin-Kai
Takehiro Honda & Gerd Dudek – Dji Dji Eitch Eitch
Takeo Moriyama – Full load
Takeo Moriyama – Flush up
Akio Nishimura Quartet – My favorite things


  1. so good to see you babk in action in the blogsphere.
    thank you very much

  2. Nice one! Happy New Year to you!

  3. Happy New Year to you too Taro!

  4. Great Mix! The Akio Nishimura track is deadly!

  5. Hi Hoochie,
    Fenomenal collection, will you planning to put newest mix to download? I find your blog extremly actrative cause I felt in love i japanese jazz. Maybe I could share with you any of Polish Jazz?

  6. Thank you! Yes I am planning to do that but I haven't had the time yet. I have my share of Polish jazz thanks for the offering.