Friday, July 11, 2014

Sagittarius A-Star Special

Sagittarius A-Star.

That's the name of one of the best record labels nowdays.

A while ago label owner E.P. asked me to do a mix from the label's music and when the stuff sounds this good I couldn't say no.

Check the site:

Here's what I played

  1. Pink Luminous Invocation – Untitled
  2. Trulofa Trio – Untitled a/b
  3. Acíd Birds – Untitled a/b
  4. Black Motor – Water
  5. Northwoods Improvisers – Tariguah
  6. Northwoods Collective – Kuhtuhlpa
  7. Northwoods Collective – Dark water
  8. Northwoods Improvisers – Burundi
  9. Eddie Gale Inner Peace Orchestra – String introduction to prayer for the world
  10. The Collective – Black Queen
  11. Muruga & Big Black – Chant of Bahia
  12. Acid Birds – Untitled b
  13. The Phill Musra Group – Creation
  14. Northwoods Improvisers – Lightning darkness
  15. Pink Luminous Invocation – Untitled a
  16. Northwoods Collective – Vimbuza
  17. The Second Family Band – Goodbye Asphodel
  18. Elektrodiesel – Sometimes I forget to remember part 1
  19. Okay Temiz, Hüseyin Ertunç, Doğan Doğusel – Studio part 2
  20. Idris Ackamoor and Cultural Odyssey – The beginning of the second earth
  21. The Collective – Beginnig roots (HCM edit.)
  22. Elektrodiesel - Sometimes I forget to remember part 1
  23. Okay Temiz, Hüseyin Ertunç, Doğan Doğusel – Studio part 2
  24. Conrad Schnitzler – Untitled a
  25. Northwoods Improvisers – Lightning darkness
  26. Roy Brooks and The Artistic Truth – M'Jumbe
  27. Roy Brooks & The Improvisational Sphere – Basketball
  28. Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble – Soul
  29. Black Motor – Jumehniemi
  30. Eddie Gale Inner Peace Orchestra – African sunshine
  31. Northwoods Collective - Soro


  1. here-s the download link:

  2. this is absolutely fantastic stuff- had never heard of this label! what beautiful looking records, an unbelievable roster, and sublime sounds! many thanks...

  3. can you please tell me the title of the track that start around 49 minutes,thanks

  4. hi

    could you please tell me title oat 48 minutes. thank you again for the work you put in there!

  5. hi Papichan, thanks for the comments. I can't say from memory and I'm not able to check it at this moment, but I will tell it to you soon.

  6. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Still waiting for you answer .., I need to get this. thanks

  8. Hi Papichan, I'm really sorry that it took this long to check the title. It is by Idris Ackamoor's band called The Collective and the tune's called Beginning Roots parts 1 & 2 which I have edited into one song. Here's some info on the album:

  9. Thanks you. Its on order now!

  10. You have been on hiatus for way too long my man!


  11. Yeha, I know, about four months :( I haven't just had the time to do a new one, but lately the desire to start doing a new mix has intensified. good to know theres still people who want to hear new mixes :)

  12. wonderful,ole,only defect is that the tracks are with little space to the next track