Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jazz! 4 mix

Okay.. time for a new mix.. you know how it goes, 1 hour of spiritual jazz waiting, you just have to download the mix, and it would also be nice if you'd leave a comment afterwards, or before..thanks ;)


Blue sun - Aum
Tordenskjolds Soldater - Peace
Max Roach - Motherless child
Hannibal - The inner voice
The Interpreters - Time is of the essence
Tordenskjolds Soldater - Pharoah
Carsten Meinert - This time
Massimo Urbani - L´amore
Carsten Meinert - Blues to someone
Jay Migliori - Nirvana

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Japanese jazz # 5

It has been a while since I posted my last Japanese jazz mix.. but now I have made a new one, and I can say that it contains some H-E-A-V-Y!!! tunes..
So check it out if you're into furious piano playing and you have one and a half hours spare time in your life..
This is sort of a tribute to two of my favorite Japanese piano players; Fumio Itabashi and Takehiro Honda.
ENJOY!! and please give me a comment, it ONLY takes a few minutes :)


1.Fumio Itabashi - Tone
2.Takehiro Honda - Natural tranquility
3.Kohsuke Mine - Cross wind
4.Hiromasa Suzuki - Epilogue
5.Fumio Itabashi Trio - Toh
6.Takehiko Honda - Second country
7.Kohske Mine Quintet - Thirsty
8.Fumio Itabashi - Ash
9.Fumio Itabashi Trio - Rise and shine

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hoochie Coochie presents Jazz! 3 mix

To start your weekend with some great music snatch my new mix.. some rare tracks in spiritual vibe and it lasts about two hours!!


1. Tropical Band - Sea breeze
2. Eddie Russ Trio - Natasha
3. Bobby Jackson - Desiree song
4. Donald Alexander Strachan - Song of searching
5. Creative Arts Ensemble - Encouragements
6. Paul Stephens - What's really real
7. Hal Singer - Malcolm X
8. Prince Lasha - For the child
9. Cecil McBee - First song in the day
10. John Hicks - Angies tune
11. Unity - Reunion
12. Donald Alexander Strachan - Aquarian voices
13. Buster Williams - Tayamisha
14. Doug Carn - Moon child
15. Cleveland Eaton - Hamburg 302

Friday, June 4, 2010

And now for something completely different...

Well it´s still jazz, so not that different from previous posts..but..

Years back I was very much into jazz made in Scandinavia and in England, and when El Reza kindly re-upped Staffan Abeleen´s Sweet Alva in his blog, that got me in the mood to dig into my old collection and throw some Scandic jazz together as well.

So here it is, some of my favourite ones
( my all time favourites are from Diamond five´s Brilliant! and Presenting Jazz Quintet 60 albums, you should check them out!!)

Here´s the tracklist, and please comment and tell your opinion..

1.Max Leth Quartet - Besame mucho
2.Jazz Quintet 60 - One more chant
3.The Diamond Five - Johnny´s birthday
4.The Jacques Schols Quartet - Blues for Robin Mark
5.Rolf Billberg Quartet - Får jag lämna några blommor
6.The Diamond Five - Lutuli
7.Dusko Goykovich - Wedding march of Alexander the Macedonian
8.The Sahib Shihab Quintet - Peter´s waltz
9.Otto Donner Treatment - Lähtisin taas matkalle
10.Esa Pethman - Paimenlaulu
11.Christian Schwindt Quintet - Sexus
12.Brew Moore - Girls

Friday, April 30, 2010

Jazz! 2 mix

While waiting my rips of Malachi Thompson and Charles Owens albums you can listen this mix (there´s couple of tunes from those albums..)

Tracklist :

1.Larry Willis - Inner crisis
2.Calvin Keys - Aunt Lovey
3.Lightmen plus 1 - Cold bair
4.Bobby Jackson - Modetique
5.Roland Haynes - Aicelis
6.Marco Di Marco - I miei ricordi
7.Lightmen plus 1 - Ashie
8.The Real Shoobeedoo - Reminiscing
9.Wendell Harrison - How do we end all of this madness pt.1 & 2
10.Charles Owens´ Mother Lode - Cool it
11.Malachi Thompson - Street dance

From here :

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sun Ra project & Sun Ra mix!!

Head over to (always so great) Black Classical and get involved in their Sun Ra project.... I think it´s gonna be BIG!!
Check it from here : http://blackclassical.wordpress.com/

And as for some taster here´s my Sun Ra mix.. give it a go...

Tracklist (all by Sun Ra)

1.Springtime again
2.That´s how I feel
3.When there is no sun
4.Third planet
6.Love in outer space
8.Everything is space

Download it from here :

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hoochie Coochie presents Japanese jazz! 4

Now once again it´s time for some Japanese jazz.. this one´s not so in that McCoy Tynerish mood as the previous ones but contains still very nice set of tunes, and of course some rare ones too ;)
Especially check that Shigeharu Mukai tune!!!


1.Hidefumi Toki Quartet – Let´s get together
2.Ryojiro Furusawa Quartet – Acoustic chicken
3.Kazumi Watanabe – On the horizon
4.Fumio Itabashi – Up into the sky
5.Ryojiro Furusawa Quartet – Yellow cherry
6.Takeo Moriyama Quartet – North wind
7.Shigeharu Mukai Quintet – A head wind

Leave comments..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hoochie Coochie presents Jazz! 1 part 2

Ok! Here´s the tracklist for part two!!

1.Jothan Callins - Prayer for love & peace
2.Sadaka - Premonition
3.Abdullah - Eternal spiralling spirit and assunta
4.Clarence Peters Quartet - The man named Peters
5.Stephen McCraven - Allah
6.Charles Owens Mother Lode - Nightingale
7.Khaliq Al-Rouf & Salaam - Libra
8.The Ensemble Al-Salaam - Music is nothing but a prayer

You can find it from here:


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hoochie Coochie presents Jazz! 1 part 1

I will share 2 mixes this weekend..

First one starts with electric and a bit funky vibes but slowly turns into acoustic stuff and the second part is full acoustic, both of them are filled with spiritual jazz tunes.. Check em out!! but DON´T HIT AND RUN!! Leave comments..

Here´s the tracklist for part 1 :

1.Sonny Fortune - Thoughts
2.Marcus Belgrave - Space Odyssey
3.Charles Owens Mother Lode - Black pride
4.Malachi Thompson - Two nights in Malakal
5.The Lightmen - Free as you wanna be
6.Woody Shaw - Senyas
7.Hannibal - Soul brother


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Third Jap-jazz mix

Here´s the third Japanese jazz mix, and this one is dedicated to my close friend who just had his second child last night.

This set is filled with electricity, no acoustic piano here, so this differs a bit from my previous posts..
It starts with a short floating tune called Lazy Dreams by Takehiko Honda and it´s from his Jodo - album.. Next is a bit rarer and harder tune by Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet with Sadao Watanabe Quartet from their Collaboration part 2 - album and it´s called Hiro. Then it´s back to the mellower sounds, a couple of flute tunes by Sadao Watanabe, first one is from his classic self-titled album and the next is from his wonderful Paysages - album. The floating atmosphere continues with Hidefumi Toki´s Sky View tune.. After this a couple of guitar tunes, first by Sunao Wada and second by Kiyoshi Sugimoto. This set closes with Eiji Nakayama´s See Sea Town, from Aya´s Samba - album.

Here is the tracklist :

1. Takehiko Honda - Lazy Dreams
2. Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet With Sadao Watanabe Quartet - Hiro
3. Sadao Watanabe - Mtelenko
4. Sadao Watanabe - Paysages part 1 & 2
5. Hidefumi Toki Quartet featuring Mikio Masuda - Sky View
6. Sunao Wada Quintet + 1 feat Minoru Ikeno - The Shimmer Of The Morning Sun
7. Kiyoshi Sugimoto - Babylonia Wind
8. Eiji Nakayama - See Sea Town

Hope you´ll enjoy this
Tell me what you like it..

Here´s the link :


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second Jap-jazz mix!!

Got this ready ahead of schedule, but that´s not a bad thing, right??
Check it out.. there´s many great deep tunes and some rare ones too :)
Hope you´ll enjoy!

Here´s the tracklist... and please leave some comments I´d love to read what you think of it.

1. Takehiro Honda - Minors only
2. Masabumi Kikuchi Quintet - Drizzling rain
3. Hiromasa Suzuki - Love
4. Kohsuke Mine - Little Abi
5. Yoshio Suzuki - Friends
6. Kohske Mine Quintet - Spin drift
7. Fumio Itabashi - Miss Cann
8. Takehiko Honda - The way to Brooklyn

...and here you can find the sounds :

Friday, March 5, 2010

First mix

Ok, here is my first compilation for this blog, it´s basically a Japanese jazz set in the Coltrane vein.. Hope that you dig it! :) Here´s the tracklistning :

1. Koshke Mine Quintet – Expectation
2. Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet – One for Trane
3. Fumio Itabashi Trio – Alligator dance
4. Terumasa Hino – Song for Bumiji
5. Yoshio Suzuki – K´s waltz
6. Mikio Masuda – Prayer
7. Takeo Moriyama – Exchange

Download link is

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Japanese-jazz soon to come in my first mix..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hi everybody!

In this blog I will share sounds mostly from my personal record collection..
Mainly mixes but If I have the time I might rip some oop albums that don´t yet are available in blogland.. Enjoy!!
and please leave me a comment.

ps. Sorry if my english ain´t that good, it´s not my native language..