Sunday, March 28, 2010

Third Jap-jazz mix

Here´s the third Japanese jazz mix, and this one is dedicated to my close friend who just had his second child last night.

This set is filled with electricity, no acoustic piano here, so this differs a bit from my previous posts..
It starts with a short floating tune called Lazy Dreams by Takehiko Honda and it´s from his Jodo - album.. Next is a bit rarer and harder tune by Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet with Sadao Watanabe Quartet from their Collaboration part 2 - album and it´s called Hiro. Then it´s back to the mellower sounds, a couple of flute tunes by Sadao Watanabe, first one is from his classic self-titled album and the next is from his wonderful Paysages - album. The floating atmosphere continues with Hidefumi Toki´s Sky View tune.. After this a couple of guitar tunes, first by Sunao Wada and second by Kiyoshi Sugimoto. This set closes with Eiji Nakayama´s See Sea Town, from Aya´s Samba - album.

Here is the tracklist :

1. Takehiko Honda - Lazy Dreams
2. Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet With Sadao Watanabe Quartet - Hiro
3. Sadao Watanabe - Mtelenko
4. Sadao Watanabe - Paysages part 1 & 2
5. Hidefumi Toki Quartet featuring Mikio Masuda - Sky View
6. Sunao Wada Quintet + 1 feat Minoru Ikeno - The Shimmer Of The Morning Sun
7. Kiyoshi Sugimoto - Babylonia Wind
8. Eiji Nakayama - See Sea Town

Hope you´ll enjoy this
Tell me what you like it..

Here´s the link :


  1. Hi Hoochie Coochie Man,

    Thanks for this latest mix, looking forward to listening tonight. More grease to your elbow, man. Great work.


  2. Yep thanx! I´m trying I´m trying :) This suits nicely for night listening, I think..

  3. dear hoochie coochie,

    congrats on a fantastic set of tunes, great vibe is maintained for the entire time. if you have it, would you mind listing the lineup details for the following artists?

    Hidefumi Toki Quartet featuring Mikio Masuda
    Sunao Wada Quintet + 1 feat Minoru Ikeno
    Eiji Nakayama

    thx and all the best!

  4. Of course!

    On Sky view album there´s

    -Hidefumi Toki - alto sax
    -Mikio Masuda - piano
    -Yoshio Ikeda - bass
    -Steve Jackson - drums

    On Four scenes album:

    -Sunao Wada - guitar
    -Minoru Ikeno - alto sax,flute & perc
    -Shizuo Nakayama - piano/elec.piano
    -Kazuaki Yamamoto - bass/elec.bass
    -Koji Yamada - drums
    -Hitomi Ueda - voice & percussion

    On Aya´s samba album:
    (the lineup is in japanese, I can´t translate it..)

    -Eiji Nakayama - bass
    -高橋賢志 - tenor sax
    -桜庭篤司 - piano
    -渥美孝昭 - drums

    Hope this satisfies you :)

  5. hi hoochie coochie man,

    haven't been back until now, thanks for the info!

  6. Oh bum, this one's gone from zshare too!

  7. @ GrepP

    Here's a new link:

  8. You're a good man! Download on the way as I type. Looking forward to hearing it.

  9. Thanks! such nice to hear what people think of these mixes :)