Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hoochie Coochie presents Jazz! 1 part 1

I will share 2 mixes this weekend..

First one starts with electric and a bit funky vibes but slowly turns into acoustic stuff and the second part is full acoustic, both of them are filled with spiritual jazz tunes.. Check em out!! but DON´T HIT AND RUN!! Leave comments..

Here´s the tracklist for part 1 :

1.Sonny Fortune - Thoughts
2.Marcus Belgrave - Space Odyssey
3.Charles Owens Mother Lode - Black pride
4.Malachi Thompson - Two nights in Malakal
5.The Lightmen - Free as you wanna be
6.Woody Shaw - Senyas
7.Hannibal - Soul brother


  1. Just love that Charles Owens Mother Lode track great stuff, whats the album title pls
    Would love to hear the whole thing :)

  2. that is a killer mix, brother. hannibal? malachi? ohhhh yessssss.

  3. Charles Owens Mother Lode - I stand alone lp, I think I will post it in the future?? ;)

  4. Nice one, I salivate at what you're gonna throw at us next! Deep stuff, keep it coming.
    True appreciation.

  5. Nice mix HCM, is that your rip of the lightmen?

  6. Thats not my rip, I have the album though, I was too lazy to rip it myself, maybe I´ll share the whole thing in the future..

  7. lovely mix one of the best ive ever heard in blogland

  8. Wow! Thanks, It´s an honor! Glad you liked it..

  9. Error 404 - File Not Found
    please reup

  10. Hi Anonymous, and sorry for late reply. I've been really busy lately, but I'll try to find these mixes that you have wanted and upload them..