Friday, April 30, 2010

Jazz! 2 mix

While waiting my rips of Malachi Thompson and Charles Owens albums you can listen this mix (there´s couple of tunes from those albums..)

Tracklist :

1.Larry Willis - Inner crisis
2.Calvin Keys - Aunt Lovey
3.Lightmen plus 1 - Cold bair
4.Bobby Jackson - Modetique
5.Roland Haynes - Aicelis
6.Marco Di Marco - I miei ricordi
7.Lightmen plus 1 - Ashie
8.The Real Shoobeedoo - Reminiscing
9.Wendell Harrison - How do we end all of this madness pt.1 & 2
10.Charles Owens´ Mother Lode - Cool it
11.Malachi Thompson - Street dance

From here :


  1. Thanks Hoochie Coochie Man, great collection as always. Digging the Booby Jackson like mad!

    Cheers, bro.

  2. That´s from one of my all time favorite jazz albums Desiree song.. it´s bloody rare but the whole album is a killer, if you can find one! ..I think i have seen a rip somewhere in blogland??

  3. Hey man. The moment I saw your banner I knew I was going to enjoy browsing. I'm guessing you've got a copy of the Jazz Next Standard - Spiritul Jazz book? Thanks for sharing this, especially liking the jap jazz stuff as that it exactly where I'm coming from right now.

  4. Yep, got it in my bookcase.. I´m kinda mad for jap jazz too at the moment ;)