Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second Jap-jazz mix!!

Got this ready ahead of schedule, but that´s not a bad thing, right??
Check it out.. there´s many great deep tunes and some rare ones too :)
Hope you´ll enjoy!

Here´s the tracklist... and please leave some comments I´d love to read what you think of it.

1. Takehiro Honda - Minors only
2. Masabumi Kikuchi Quintet - Drizzling rain
3. Hiromasa Suzuki - Love
4. Kohsuke Mine - Little Abi
5. Yoshio Suzuki - Friends
6. Kohske Mine Quintet - Spin drift
7. Fumio Itabashi - Miss Cann
8. Takehiko Honda - The way to Brooklyn

...and here you can find the sounds :


  1. great stuff ;)

    check your email bro, nice surprise waiting for you

  2. Many thanks for this mix, can't wait to listen to it.

  3. Another wonderful mix. Thank you.

  4. very nice selection, real music!!

  5. Thanks to all for the comments, glad that you like it :)

  6. Wow!!!! This is an amazing compilation. You have excellent taste in the music. I just got turned on to your blog. Thank you for sharing.
    This material is very rare in the USA.

  7. Thanks! I have to say that it´s pretty rare here in Scandinavia too ;)

  8. Oh calamity! After downloading Japanese Jazz Mix 4 I started on this and it's not there! I feel suddenly bereft...

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  10. Wow, excellent, that's on the way down the line even as I type. I am really looking forward to hearing it - I though I was pretty well up on jazz but I now realise I know next to nothing about Japanese work, and this is a revelation!

    Thanks very much for sorting this out.

  11. New link if someone is still interested:

  12. linking this mix on my blog this morning!! such great stuff... thanks man...!