Saturday, August 14, 2010

Japanese jazz # 5

It has been a while since I posted my last Japanese jazz mix.. but now I have made a new one, and I can say that it contains some H-E-A-V-Y!!! tunes..
So check it out if you're into furious piano playing and you have one and a half hours spare time in your life..
This is sort of a tribute to two of my favorite Japanese piano players; Fumio Itabashi and Takehiro Honda.
ENJOY!! and please give me a comment, it ONLY takes a few minutes :)


1.Fumio Itabashi - Tone
2.Takehiro Honda - Natural tranquility
3.Kohsuke Mine - Cross wind
4.Hiromasa Suzuki - Epilogue
5.Fumio Itabashi Trio - Toh
6.Takehiko Honda - Second country
7.Kohske Mine Quintet - Thirsty
8.Fumio Itabashi - Ash
9.Fumio Itabashi Trio - Rise and shine



  2. You can now listen to it straight away with Divshare:

  3. thanks very much Hoochie! I've been loving these jazz mixes. I've linked your Scandi Jazz mix on my blog back in June -- good good stuff. much appreciated!

    - King Megatrip.

  4. Oh, that was a nice gesture. glad that you have enjoyed them mixes, keeps me going ;)

  5. Thanks for yet another great mix. A really wonderful selection of tunes.

  6. Cheers Hooch, as always, great selections.

  7. Another great selection. So many great japanese pianists to choose from but I agree that T. Honda is up there.

    I think Natural Tranquility is the strongest track on what is a really strong album.

    As for F Itabashi - does he ever get bet than THAT version of Waterase?!!

  8. Hi guys, and thanks for the comments, much appreciated! :)

    @ Andy

    yeah that watarase is a killer, i think tone is the best cut but the whole solo watarase album is really good, filled with great tracks.. theres a version of watarase on T.Moriyama's Smile album which is also a good one, but i think the solo effort is still the better one in its simplicity..

  9. Can someone reupload the mix?

  10. Can someone re-upload this album?