Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Journey : H presents the Jazz Mix number 9

Hi everybody.. hope there's still people visiting this blog, even though I only post these mixes of mine nowdays..

Here's a new one I just got finished today and it spans over 2 hours.
but further ado, here it is:

By John Coltrane

Have Mercy Upon Us
By Amina Claudine Myers

Prayer For Saude
By Lon Moshe's Southern Freedom Arkestra

The Journey Begins
By Leon Thomas

Invocation Pt.1
By Mark Harvey Group

Last Summer
By Byard Lancaster

Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro
By Don Cherry

Queen Of The Spirits
By The Pyramids

Black Man And Woman Of The Nile
By The Pyramids

Black Unity
By Pharoah Sanders

Black Unity
By Juju

Liberator Of The Spirit
By Kamau Daaood

Tzaddi Vau
By Pheeroan Ak Laff

Lament For John Coltrane
By Bob Thiele Emergency

By Henri Texier

Spirit Music
By Andrew Cyrille & The Haitian Fascination

By Ralph Thomas

Time Rolls On
By World's

Medley : Pharoah's Tune (The Journey) Echoes
By Leon Thomas

Nica's Dance
By Nat Birchall

Black Nile
By Gregory Porter

Movement 4
By Götz Tangerding/Rolf Roth/Nasrudins Orchestra

By Kalaparusha Maurice Mcintyre

The Void
By Brother Ah

Nature's Children
By Brother Ah

Rain Is Coming
By Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker

Earth Tones
By Jamil Shabaka Alex Cline Duo Infinity

Healing Force
By Roy Brooks

By Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

Speak To Us Of Love
By Dwight Trible

A Love Supreme
By Dwight Trible Featuring Billy Higgins And Charles Owens

A Love Supreme
By Bob Thiele Emergency

(DL link in the comments... or you can also listen to this from mixcloud if you wish)

Have a good one and stay well :)


  1. I'd be very flattered if the compilation I posted back in the days inspired you to get the Tangerding? Still a true fav of mine. Kind of surprising I haven't already posted it on PG, I'm so lazy... ;) Your mix looks superb, thanks!

  2. @ Arkadin

    You know it mate! :)

    Heard that tune in your mix and I immediately became interested, then Greg played some great tunes from it also so I just got to get it. it's a really nice album! I love the 2nd track and the B side from the first disc especially.

    You should post it if you have the time and will, I haven't ripped those piano solo tunes from the end.. (I wouldn't say no to that Bhakti Jazz lp either HAHA!! ;)

    Thanks for the support :)

  3. Hi, superb mix as always - nice blend of old and new. Have been lucky enough to see Nat Birchall a few times and meet the guy. Lovely fella ! Keep em coming. Thanks - Trev

  4. Great stuff, Hooch. Good to have you back.

  5. bring on the download link Hoochie! we love you over at Megatrip Central --

  6. So wonderful that you still visit and find my mixes enjoyable, thanks much everyone! :)

    Would be great to see and hear Nat's playing live someday, those two albums of his are very very good.. maybe someday who knows??

    Here's the DL link:

  7. Many thanks for the deep mix H. You just keep on bringing it. Good to see a bit of Nat Birchall in there too!

  8. A veritable tour de force Hooch, well done for getting the Greg Porter in there and many thanks for the heads up on Nat Birchall, hopefully will catch him in concert soon. Thanks for the link.

  9. You're welcome :)
    I truly appreciate your feedback!

    I've already started planning on a new one, so maybe.. maybe this time I'll get it finished before a month has gone by ;)
    (but sorry not going to include any xmas jingles)

    Stay well both of you!