Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jazz! mix 8 : Inner Space

Go listen here:

and the tracklist :

Cecil McBee - Agnez
Abbey Lincoln/Max Roach - All Africa
Black Star Ensemble - The second resurrection
Raphaël - Archangelo
Khan Jamal - The river
Speira n'Mbassa - Ethnic suite
Walter Zuber Armstrong - Song for Sheila
Byard Lancaster - Last summer
Alan Braufman - Chant
Free Dance Song - A long way from childhood, a long way from much
Diom Futa - Diom Futa
Azanyah - I will surely come again
James Zitro & David Liebman - Haiku
Glen Hall - Orchid opening downwards
Louis Armfield - Brave blind heart
Kahil El'Zabar's The Ritual - Little Gwen
Revolutionary Ensemble -Chicago
Jasis - Inner space
Lagagnamo - Danse et thème
Prince Lawsha Firebirds - Tracking train
Beaver Harris - Beautiful Africa
Schawkie Roth -Prayer for Pharoah
Azar Lawrence - Revelations
Rashied Ali Quintet - Judgement day

Please gimme some feedback, thanks! you can find the d/l link from the comments..


  1. Looking forward... every time!
    All the best from over here

  2. Thank you! very pleased that you haven't forgotten me since it's been very hectic around here and I haven't been able to post anything.. hope you enjoy the mix mate :)

  3. Been waiting for this mix Hooch, many thanks. Also, thanks for your all your generosity, I'm sincerely grateful.

  4. Hi Jazzstronaut, so you have got your laptop back I see, thats good :) Hope you like the mix friend :)

  5. Download all these 3 files:

  6. Yea Hooch, finally got the laptop. Must have taken an Herculean effort to put all these great music together, nice one.


  7. thank you! always a pleasure to listen to your mixes!

  8. Thanks guys, much appreciated :)

    and Jazzstronaut, yeah! it was quite a squeeze! LOL ;)

  9. This looks awesome - what a treat. Will add it to my growing collection of Hoochie on the IPOD !!!!! thanks Funky Trev

  10. can't wait to hear this one!! thanks man!

  11. Quite simply, a "killer" 2 hours H.
    Hats-off to you!

  12. @Katonah
    Glad you took the time to listen and that you also enjoyed it! :)

    ...and I wish you'll like it too "KM"

    and thanks for the comments!

  13. @ Funky Trev

    You have a collection of my mixes on your ipod!!??!!!! Man! that's a pleasure, and very high compliment too, Thank you :) Glad you like this stuff im putting out too..

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  15. This mix gets better with every listen.I always discover new artists here, in this case the sadly departed Glenn Spearman, among others. Many thanks for taking the trouble HC.

  16. @ Baxjaz.. consider it done mate :) and sorry that I accidentally deleted you comment..

    @ g.raf

    Always great to hear what you think about these mixes.. Glenn Spearman, yeah! "Blues for Falasha" is quite nice. don't know about his "Night After Night"Lp or "Incident" LP?? there's Louis Armsfield too and Nedly Elstak.. may be a bit too freeish..

    I'm already planning to do another one, hopefully get it ready sooner than this one ;) and I hear that Ragster is going to put a new mix out there too this weekend :)

  17. Hey!! I have misspelled that Glenn Spearman tune, actually it's not by him at all!! HEHEH.... it's by Azar Lawrence, and the tune is called "revelations"...from his Speak the word album!
    I feel sooo stupid right now, sorry!!

  18. Things are not always what they aSpearman :)and Azar Lawrence has just shot up even higher in my estimations.
    Look forward to the next one!

  19. Yeah hahah ;)

    Check his "mystic journey" if you haven't already G. it's a killer!!

  20. You and Black Classical are The Kings of this stuff. Love it!!!

  21. @ Gustav J

    Thank you for your huge compliment!! :)
    I wish Greg would still do his mixes, he has been a great influence to me and a real pacemaker :)

    but stay tuned, Im just planning to do a new mix..

  22. This looks fantastic! and the links are still active!! thanks so much.

  23. wonderful choices, thanks dear friend