Monday, December 12, 2011

HCM mix for Space Invaders Radio

I did this little mix for Space Invaders Radio a while back.... (it came out on december the 11th)
but you can download it from the comments here if you missed it live..

or check my Mixcloud page and listen the mix from there..

I put quite a lot effort making it and think it came out pretty good. two hour set, with deep and spiritual vibes as usual, but the mix ain't nothing usual..

comments would be much appreciated but I doubt you'll have time for that stuff, anyway, I hope you at least have those two hours to listen which is more important ;)

Stay well everyone and see ya next year!

Peace 'n Love


This is what I played:

Kahil El Zabar's The Ritual – Magg Zelma
Walter Zuber Armstrong – Sea of grass
Walter Zuber Armstrong – Alpha & Omega
Clarence Peters – Black meeting
David Axelrod – Warning talk pt.1
Dwight Trible – In the beginning GOD
Michael Garrick – Jazz for five
Cecil McBee – Into a fantasy
Amalgam – Judy's smile II
Byard Lancaster – John's children
JC – Song of praise
Massimo Urbani – Dedications (to Alber Ayler e John Coltrane)
Leron Thomas – Love for life
Kamau Daaood – Army of healers
The Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Eternal Egypt suite, pt.4
Cleve Pozar – Cosmic piece
Clarence Peters – The Magnetic atmospher
Sun Ra – Say
Sun Ra – The door of the cosmos
Ariel Kalma – Le temps des moissons
Francis Bebey – Akwaaba
Sun Ra – EnLIGHTenment
Sun Ra – Circe
Archie Shepp – Song for Mozambique
The Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble – Tutankhamen
Kahil El Zabar's The Ritual – Return of the lost tribe
Secret Sauce – Orangeland
Firebirds Prince Lasha with Webster Armstrong – Music matador (instrumental.)
Kamau Daaood – Ancestral echoes


  1. Hoochie Coochie Man,

    Thanks for putting Leron Thomas' Music in the Mix.

    For more of his discography please contact us

  2. It's freezing cold and blowing a gale here but I'm warmly wrapped up in bed listening to your mix and loving it! Cheers Hooch...and Black Classical.

  3. Cheers Fred :) How ya been mate??

    I hope those lovely ice cold weathers would arrive here too..


    Thanks for the comment.. yeah, he is a talented guy, enjoyed his music very much :)

  4. Hey Hoochie Coochie. I came across your blog while searching for Jay Migliori's Count The Nights and Times, which it looks like you had posted a couple months ago. I wanted to know if you might be willing to share a link with me since that page is no longer accessible via your blog. Please let me know. I've been searching for this album for quite some time and would love to hear it.

    Thanks, if possible. I have subscribed to these comments via email, so, if you do reply, I will be aware and maybe we could go from there. Peace.

  5. @ Harmonix

    Here ya go friend. sorry that it took so long, hope you enjoy listening :)

    1. Please could you share back this album, Thanks you

    2. Well, I don't share much albums anymore and I'm quite occupied at the moment, but I'll try to upload the album once more in the near future..

      all the best


  6. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate this. And, no worries about the wait. Makes it more fulfilling.

  7. The Clarence Peters is a killer.......any chance of posting the album ?.....he asks cheekily ! Love your work keep it coming. Trust you've listened to Nat Birchall and Arun Ghost's latest albums ? Deep Jazz 2011 style from the UK. Trev.

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  9. You must be my twin brother! The entire mix is out of this world. Thanks for keeping THE MUSIC ALIVE....

  10. @ Trev

    Did ya get that album link??

  11. @ Yusef

    Thank you for your kind and uplifting words my brother :) they are much appreciated and gives me that extra something what is needed to keep on keepin on.

    all the best


  12. hi, would you like to exchange links? check my blog out :
    thanks and keep the good work up.

  13. Beautiful mix, been wearing it out the last two days

    Was looking at your reader feed and noticed that killer Clarence Peters track had an album download link on your blog a year back (now dead)--any chance of a new link?

  14. @ Hideo

    do you still want to hear that Clarence Peters album?

  15. @ Mr. Pc

    What do you mean about exchanging links? do you mean albums?



    1. @Hoochie Coochie Man

      Could you please repost a link to this mix? It's fantastic! Just discovered your blog and thought I knew quite a bit about this genre but am loving the obscurities you've posted. Thank you!

    2. Hi there! and thanks for your comment. I will try to upload a new link for this mix as soon as possible.

    3. here's a link that still works: