Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Opening mix

Here's a mix for those who care, who are interested enough to listen.. no tracklists, well not yet anyway.. just sit back and listen.. and most important, enjoy!

Stay well everyone and may the year 2012 be good to you :)


  1. Hi Hooch, just off to work will grab this later tonight; can't wait. My 2012 be good to you too!


  2. Thanks mate and same to you! :)

    Here's the DL/link so you can listen to it wherever you go! ;)

  3. I mean here :

  4. Hi Henri,i hope you have been keeping well. Thank you so much for the mix. Some stunningly beautiful music in there.I have also been enjoying the previous two mixes here. Is there any chance you could post a dl link for the mix you did for Raggy please.

  5. @ Jazzstronaut

    at last! :D

    @ G.raf

    I crashed my car into a deer last night, but apart from that alls good :)

    About the mix for Ragster.. Do you mean the one I did for his Off Limits Show couple years ago or that "my present.." thing??
    I didn't find that "Off Limits Mix" from my computer.. I have to check my external hard drive..

  6. Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope that you, the deer and the car were not hurt too badly. The ''my present''mix please. Only if it is no trouble for you and whenever you get the time H. no rush.

  7. Is there any tracklist yet? I NEED the track at 01.08.00!!! :-)

  8. Hi, I haven't made any, but I try to find out the track you are looking for.