Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Freedom struggle" mix

A 2 hour set of deep spiritual music just waiting for you to feast your ears on..
Go and listen!!

Here's the tracklist:


Hannibal – Of Life and Love and God
Mtume – invocation
Roy Brooks & the Artistic Truth – Black survival (HCM edit.)
Amiri Baraka – Chant – Sifa
Famoudou Don Moye – Pioneer song
Robert Ruff – Shaza-Ra
Infinite Spirit Music – Ritual
Roberto Miguel Miranda – Evolution in the life of Moses – Prayer is essential
Mtume – invocation
Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels and degrees of light
Cecil McBee – From within
Brother Ah – Transcendental march (Words)
Cecil McBee – Voice of the 7th Angel
World's Experience Orchestra – Beginning of a new birth
Bob Reid The Emergency Sound – A story of the Freedom Bell
M'boom – Onomatopoeia / Giselle suite
Idris Ackamoor & Cultural Odyssey – The Temple Garden
Abdullah Ibrahim – Happiness is forever (drums)
Idris Ackamoor & Cultural Odyssey – Look into yourself (percussions)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – The seeker
Roy Brooks & the Artistic Truth – M'Jumbe (brief percussions)
Infinite Spirit Music – Rasta
The Roy Campbell Ensemble – Pharoah's revenge
Infinite Spirit Music – Bright tune (percussions)
Hannibal – Of Life and Love and God (bass solo)
Lon Moshe and Southern Freedom Arkestra – Survival raga #9
Famoudou Don Moye – Att (percussions)
M'boom – Giselle suite (percussions)
Juju – Nia (Complete the circle)
Unity – Kitty bey (drumming and Jay Clayton's voice)
Tchangodei / Archie Shepp – D'instant (brief piano sample)
Peter Fish – Esmond
M'boom – Jihad es mort


Famoudou Don Moye – Saba Saba
Eddie Gale – A statement of peace
Hannibal – Rhythm ritual / Aftermath
Roberto Miguel Miranda – Saint Michael Servant of the Lord (brief solo bass)
Mtume – Umoja
Babatunde Lea – African tapestry (A prayer for a continent)
Azar Lawrence – The Baker's daughter / Open Sesame
Ghasem Batamuntu – Ishvara
Famoudou Don Moye – Scowiefamuja
Brother Ah – Sweet illumination ”Chile woman”
Tchangodei / Archie Shepp – D'instant
Amiri Baraka – Pamoja tutashinda
Brother Ah - Transcendental march (Words)
Famoudou Don Moye – Scowiefamuja
Brother Ah – Sweet illumination ”Chile woman”


Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio featuring Billy Bang – Freedom flexibility


  1. Thank You so much Henri! Every time i get a push notice from the Mixcloud app from Hoochie it is a stop what you are doing that instant for some of the best musical trips i ever have! MINDBLOWING

    Gustav Josefsson

  2. That's so great to hear Gustav! :) thank you for your uplifting words.


  3. Absolutely love this. Wonderful stuff. Glad you are still putting these mixes together. Excellent! Mxshep

  4. Thank you! Good to hear that you've liked the mix :)

    and I'm glad there's still people visiting these parts, since I'm not able to post stuff so often these days.. but I hope I can continue doing these mixes even if not so regularly..


  5. I stop going to church because of you ...I get all I need just by those mixes. Thank you so much !

  6. That made me laugh :) Brilliant! thanks!

  7. Oh, and here's the Download link:

  8. well I'm glad i make you laugh. keep up the good work!

  9. thanks for the dl link, looking forward to listen to it!

  10. Finally found the time to listen to this. A quality mix as usual Henri, i'm still going to church though!
    Many thanks.

  11. Deep stuff Hoochie, music to heal ones' soul, thanks so much for this tremendous offering.

  12. Dear friend, I wish to thanks you for the amazing compilations you put on this blog; those are all fantastic and not common records; spiritual jazz, african jazz...many many thanks again. See you soon here.
    Bye :)

  13. thank you for your kind words friend! I am working on a couple of new mixes at the moment.