Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breath of life


Tribute to nature.
2 hour set.
mixed and remixed.
Go to Mixcloud and listen
D/L link later...

Tunes played:

  1. Edward Larry Gordon – Bethlehem
  2. The John Betch Society – Earth blossom / Open pastures
  3. Joseph Jarman Don Moye featuring Johnny Dyani – Mama Marimba
  4. National Black Theater – Look inside
  5. Idris Ackamoor – Move towards the Light
  6. Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda / Oceanic beloved / The Ankh of Amen-Ra
  7. Nat Birchall – Going to the mountain
  8. Horacee Arnold – Tribe
  9. Gerry Hemingway – Kwambe
  10. The Ko-Thi Dance Company Inc. - Ishe Olu Wa
  11. Brother Malachi Favors Magoustous – Natural and the spiritual
  12. Duo Infinity – Earth tones
  13. The Ko-Thi Dance Company Inc. - Practice rythm 1 and 2
  14. Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Flight 17
  15. Abdullah – Eternal spiraling spirit and assunta
  16. Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels and degrees of light
  17. Joseph Jarman Don Moye featuring Johnny Dyani – Humility in the light of the creator
  18. Duo Infinity – Dawn birds for Dolphy
  19. Joseph Jarman – Sunbound
  20. DB.Shrier – East
  21. Exploding Star Orchestra – Ascension Ghost Impression # 2
  22. Nate Morgan solo Rhodes – Mother
  23. Carlos Nino & Friends - Listening to the conversation of the birds
  24. Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble – Towards Vision Quest / Umoja intro / Umoja
  25. Dwight Trible – Wise One outro words
  26. Horace Tapscott Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Peyote song no.3
  27. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra – Calling Planet Earth
  28. Spontan Music Trio – Incarnation
  29. The Gathering – Peyote song III
  30. The Sonny Criss Orchestra – Daughter of Cochise
  31. Mathew Halsall – Ode to the big sea
  32. Joseph Jarman & Famoudou Don Moye – Zulu Village
  33. Yusef Lateef – Chandra
  34. Big Black / Anthony Wheaton– Afro Cuban Lullaby
  35. Archie Shepp – Things have got to change
  36. Build an Ark – Turn on the sunlight
  37. Yaakov Levy solo paino – Alice's chord
  38. Five times six – Collector's issue
  39. Jothan Callins & the sounds of togetherness – prayer for peace and love
  40. GB & the Nu Nova Compound – Nu Finitude / Solea XYZ
  41. the John Betch Society – Earth Blossom
  42. Peter Fish – Riff for David B
  43. Indigo Trio – Welcoming / thankfulness
  44. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra – Calling planet earth
  45. Spontan Music Trio – Naiul
  46. Doug Hammond – Wholeness the One in all / Forgetfullness
  47. Will Crittendon – Message from the third world
  48. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra – Unindentified title
  49. Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble – The Ancient power awakens
  50. M'Boom - HCM remix
  51. The Har-You Percussion Group – Ngoma
  52. Big Black – Pavan
  53. Pan African Peoples Arkestra – Village Dance Revisited
  54. Tchangodei Waldron Shepp trio – Africa struggle
  55. Spontan Music Trio – Incarnation
  56. Abdul Wadud – Oasis
  57. Muhal Richard Abrams – The Bird song
  58. Joseph Jarman – Universal Mind Force
  59. Idris Ackamoor – Spiritual rebirth


  1. woohoo, that'll be some deep 2 hours. Thanks a TON!

  2. Well Mr H, Great work yet again. Really appreciated. I love all this stuff. Many, many thanks,....Mshp

  3. Thanks Mshp! really good to hear you are enjoying these mixes :)

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  5. Download link:

  6. Finally found the time to listen to this.
    So many new discoveries in this mix.
    Beautifully put together H, a genuine listening pleasure.
    Thank you.

  7. I have appreciate with getting lot of good and reliable and legislative information with your post...... Thanks for sharing such kind of nice and wonderful mixes recording artist

  8. Thank you friends for your kind words, they are needed and most welcome, thank you :)

    Like I wrote on Mixcloud this may be my last mix for a while.. I've just started to study again, started going to Art school this week..and it's quite a hustle.. haha, but hopefully I'll get the time to do more of these mixes..

  9. What nolidge, what taste, deep thanks and admiration! Bravo!

  10. Just discovered your blog,can only say one thing: 'woohoo!'

  11. going through the mixes, they fill me with so much joy man.
    such beautifu stuff. a breath of life indeed.

  12. @anonymous

    your comment fills my heart with joy also, I'm glad that you've enjoyed my mixes and that you have felt the spirit ;)

  13. Quality , much appreciated as always

  14. Cheers Gaz! good to see you still visit this place :)

    btw. Doing a Byard Lancaster tribute mix at the moment... shame that art schools kept me so busy that I haven't got enough time to put anything together before.

  15. Hello, congratulations for the mix! very nice selection! I'm saxophonist from brazil and I would like to introduce my work that is in my blog, there you can download the full album and watch some videos as well.

    thank you very much.


  16. hi,
    i feel like i was rather late to discover your magnificent blog.
    your mixes are truly superb. but for me there's one that shines
    above all and it's the inner space jazz mix. i can even begin to put
    into words what some of the music there does to me on a pure emotional and spiritual level. it almost feels like i forgot how powerful music can be and i really want to
    thank you for this reminder.
    beside ranting and showing my appreciation, i do have a question though. i was wondering if you could perhaps help me out. in the beginning (approx. first 9 min.)
    there are a few vocal tracks interwind. i was able to dissect (so to speak) two of them (Abbey Lincoln/Raphael) but it seems like there is at least one missing.
    could you please let me know which is it?
    your help would be highly appreciated.
    btw. looking forward for the Byard Lancaster tribute

  17. Hello Marcelo Monteiro!

    thank you for your comment, I will check your site and music right away! :)

  18. @ Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

    OK, the mix starts with Abbey's words, at 02.30 begins a tune by Black Star Ensemble, don't remember the vocalists name and I can't check that out now because I'm not at home,

    but the album is this :

    Archangelo tune by Raphaël starts from 5.36, when there's still BSE going on for a few seconds.

    Hope this helps :)

    all the best


  19. hi,
    thank you very much, that is exactly the one i was missing (BSE).
    there's no need for the actual names, i just needed the track information
    in order to look out for the entire album (as i did with the others, and
    again, thanks to you, got to discover some amazing s**t).
    thanks a lot for everything man, i really mean it.

  20. hey again,
    i'm really sorry to trouble you for this, but it seems that as of now,
    this album is quite impossible to find. i wasn't able to track down
    an actual copy of it nor a rip anywhere online.
    so i was wondering if by any chance you could please do an mp3 rip of it.
    i know that it's asking for a lot, and i'm a bit overreaching here,
    but i wouldn't do that if was able to find a different source.

  21. I don't share albums here anymore and I'm really busy next week so it may take some time.. but give me your email address (it won't be published here) and we'll talk about it..


  22. Rapidshare is dead so here's a new link: